Political Economy

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1977 The Sphere of Production and the Analysis of Crisis in Capitalism

1979 The Process of Accumulation and the "Profit Squeeze" Hypothesis

1981 Differences between Materialist Theory and Dependency Theory

1982 Equilibrium, Uneven Development and the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall

1982 A Note on Underconsumptionist Theory and the Labour Theory of Value

1983 On the Issue of Capitalist Circulation

1984 Theory, Ideology and Idolotry (Economic&Political Weekly)

1985 Epochs of Capitalism and the Progressiveness of Capital's Expansion

1990 Abstract Labor and Commodity Productionl

1998 Value and Underdevelopment

1999 Capitalism and Uneven Development

1999 Surfing the Troubled Waters of "Global Turbulence"

1999 Rise of Finance Capital

2001 Globalize, Global-ize, Global Lies

2001 The Expansion of Capital and Uneven Development on the World Scale

2010 Capital, Exploitation and Economic Crises (to be published by Routledge, chapters available in draft by email request)




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