Latin American

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1986 An Interpretation of the Central American Crisis (Latin American Research Review)

1992 The Red and the Black: The Sandinistas and the Nicaraguan Revolution (with Elizabeth Dore)

1993 Economic Maladjustment in Central America

1999 Trade Liberalisation in Central America

1999 Wages, Employment and Workers' Rights in Latin America, 1970-98

2000 Have Workers in Latin America Gained from Liberalization and Regional Integraton?

2000 Income distribution and growth in Mexico

2000 Latin America and the 'high performing Asian economies':  growth and debt

2001 A Tale of Two Transitions: Cuba and Vietnam after the Collapse of the Soviet Union

2003 A Tale of Two Crises: Latin American in the 1980s and Asia in the 1990s

2001/2006 Trade and FDI in Latin America (final verson in A Shaikh (ed) Globalization and the Myths of Free Trade, Routledge)

2012 Trade Balance and the Exchange Rate in Argentina (unpublished)

2013 Crisis y enganos del euro Ensayos Economicos 69 (BCRA)



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