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1970 Uncertainty, Risk and Wealth and Income Distriubtion in Peasant Agriculture

1971 The Political Economy of Labor Transfer [critique of the Lewis-Fei-Ranis model]

1975 Employment effects of wage changes in poor countries (with Frances Stewart)

1979 Raising wages in the controlled sector: a comment on Elliot (with Frances Stewart)

1989 Losers Pay Reparations: How the Third World Lost the Lending War

2001 HIPC countries and poverty reduction (with Hulya Dagdeviren)

2002  Growth and the poor: a comment on Dollar and Kraay (with Malte Lübker and Graham Smith)

2003 Small Manufacturing Establishments in Developing Countries: an emprical analysis

2003 Redistribution Matters (with Rolph van der Hoeven & Hulya Dagdeviren)

2010 Active Macroeconomic Policy for Achieving MDGs



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