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Real News:

Video on deficits (14/11/2012) & Article: What Deficit? What Cliff? (29/11/2012)

Mr Osborne misses his target (27 November 2012)
Oh, What a lovely recovery! (29 Oct 2012), The Nonsense of "Structural Deficits" (13 Sept 2012), and IMF Downgrades UK growth (18 July 2012)

Other Worldly Affairs
Pain, no gain: Euro Triadic Illusions on Debt and Deficits (SEJ)
End of Maastricht and the last euro (e-IR online)
What is economics? A parable for our time (in Insight, 4 July 2012 SEJ)
Fear and Hope in Greece (15 June 2012) [Real News Network]
Anti-austerity in France? (11 May 2012) [SEJ]
Breaking News: The working class caused the Italian Crisis (10 Nov 2011)
Insurrection in North Africa: Looking Ahead (7 Feb 2011)
The G20 and the Decline of the West (25 June 2010)

Economic Policy

Big Deal: Try no deal on the Greek Debt (28 Nov 2012, SEJ)
Deficits are the solution not the problem
[18 Nov 2012: Europe, SEJ, USA, Insightweb]
Mercantilism is the problem, not the euro [SEJ]
A Modest Proposal from Berlin: End democracy in the EU [25 October 2012, SEJ]
Pact of Folly: Fiscal Madness in Europe [11 Sept 2012, SEJ]

Ode on a European Urn [8 August 2012, SEJ]
Tragedy and Farce of European Economic Policy (with Howard Stein, Project Syndicate)
Greece: Chronicle of a Default Foretold (7 June 2012) [in Italian, SEJ]
Argentine Central Bank Law (31 March 2012) [SEJ, CDPR DV]
Catastrophe Now: The euro runs its course (SEJ 20 Feb 2012)
Chronic Deficit Disorder Redux (27 January 2012)
Democracy in Europe and the Italian Crisis (15 January 2012)
Estimating the UK 1%: A public service announcement (29 Dec 2011)
The Europe crisis in 7 easy diagrams: They are telling you lies (Real News)
German Trade Policies and the Euro Crisis (4 Dec 2011, Hurriyet Daily News  +  video)
Lazy PIGS: Decyphering the Euro Blame Game (8 Dec 2011)
A UK Recovery Programme: Go Keynesian (17/24 Nov 2011)
Fostering manufactures in developed countries (SEJ)
Mean, Median and Mode of Impoverishment (10 October 2011)
Occupy Wall Street: Why bother the bankers? (7 October 2011)
The World Bank-IMF meetings: How the mighty have fallen (2 October 2011)
Public investment bank for the UK (with Michael Burke and George Irvin, The Guardian)
The Cost of Catastrophes, Natural and Unnatural (1 September 2011)
How to Calculate the Deficit: Can't anyone in Congress count (15 August 2011)
The Size of the US Debt: Are the Rating Agencies Fools or Knaves? (11 August 2011)
Can the UK escape five years of depression? (with George Irvin and Michael Burke, SEJ)
Politicians delivering on their promises: UK economy declines (27 July 2011)
Fear of Inflation (30 June 2011)
Public Spending Saved the UK Economy (27 May 2011)
There are  Progressive Economists (20 May 2011)
Economists against Democracy (15 May 2011)
UK Economy 1st quarter 2011: Decline before fall (9 May 2011)
Unemployment: Too much regulation? (23 March 2011)
Is George Osborne the economic anti-Christ? (23 March 2011)
Continuing Madness of Chancellor George (28 Jan 2011)
Public Expenditure and the Affordability Fallacy (21 Dec 2010)
Ireland, bond markets and democracy (20 Nov 2010)
Crashes and Bailouts, Confusion and Lies (1 Nov 2010)
Chronic Deficit Disorder (5 Oct 2010)
Stimulating Ideology (6 Sept 2010)
One Big Dip and we are in it (14 Aug 2010)
Growth and Deficits (10 July 2010)
In Praise of Protection (11 June 2010)
No More Money and other economic illiteracies(26 May 2010)

Social Policy

Why bother the bankers? Occuping Wall Street
Invest in your child's education (6 Dec 2010)
Pension Reform: A modest proposal (22 Nov 2010)
Crime Wave in the House of Commons (27 Oct 2010)
Democratic Control over Capital (20 July 2010)
The Banks and what to do about them (17 June)
Personifying Markets (3 June 2010

Politically Motivated

Why progressives should support Obama [27 October 2012, Insightweb]
Obama and Weimar: "History doesn't repeat but it can rhyme" [4 August 2011]
America: Consumerism and the End of Citizenship (11 May 2011)
In Praise of Populism (7 March 2011)
Showdown in Wisconsin (1 March 2011)

Ed and the Pawnshop: Have I missed something? (29 Sept 2010)
Sticking to the Unions (21 Sept 2010)

Seriously Silly

Right in the Muddle with the Clegger (16 March 2011)
1932 Nobel Prize in Economics to Jean-Baptiste Say (17 Oct 2010) )

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