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Video Interview presenting my book
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12/17 March: Inflation in Venezuela Part 1, Part 2
(with Greg Wilpert)

24 Jan: UK Doubles down austerity

1 November: UK Post Office Privatization

16 October: A shut-down too far: The Tea Party defeat

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My column in the Real News Network:
Economics for the 99%

7 April: European elections

17 March: The Progressive Economic Dilemma

1 Feb: Executive Orders & US constitutional crisis

16 Jan: Federal Budget & Telephone Books

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Social Europe Journal
3 April: Alter the EU

7 March: Chancellors, Fools, UK REcovery


2 March: Authoritarian Tide in Europe

21 March: VICE.com
Bullsh*t on Osborne's Budget

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Economics of the 1%
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Book Launch Presentation (8 minutes)
Real News Interviews

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Book Launch 3 February 2014
(Brunei Gallery Theatre, SOAS, University of London, Russell Square)
Guy Standing of "precariat" fame introduces John Weeks to an audience of over 300.
John Weeks presents Economics of the 1% (
video here)

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The 99% give bankers useful advice (c. 2008).

Thoughts for the 99%:
Wealth corrupts
When the accumulation of wealth is no longer of high social importance, there will be great changes in the code of morals. We shall be able to rid ourselves of many of the pseudo-moral principles which have hag-ridden us for two hundred years, by which we have exalted some of the most distasteful of human qualities into the position of the highest virtues. We shall …dare to assess the money-motive at its true value. The love of money as a possession…will be recognised for what it is, a somewhat disgusting morbidity, one of those semi-criminal, semi-pathological propensities which one hands over with a shudder to the specialists in mental disease ...[J M Keynes, ‘The Future’, Essays in Persuasion 1931]

Markets and Dictatorship
Unhappy events…have retaught us two simple truths about the liberty of a democratic people. The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group. [Franklin D Roosevelt, message to the US Congress 1938]